Truck Buds is a family owned business growing across the United States. We are currently open to selling off a portion of our company to the right person or company to further our reach into communities and cities across America.

Our goal is to raise $30k in capital as quickly as possible to invest primarily in continued technology for our App and marketing as we move into new regions. We have a few strong companies coming out of the east coast with an identical platform and structure. We believe it is time for rapid, but controlled growth across the US to ensure our Texas based platform has a shot at becoming a national brand and service.

For as little as $30.00 you can own a share of Truck Buds and $3,000 will get you a full percent of ownership. We are letting go of an initial ten percent to make this controlled push for new territory and more may become available.

During this push over the next year, we are planning on very little to no profit sharing as we will continue to invest in new markets. We will provide monthly reporting, but this will be a long term return that may have a very significant return.

Shares can only be sold and / or transferred through Truck Buds along with a signed release of transfer to the new party in question. Truck Buds declares the value of a share, but a share holder can sell part or all of theirs at the value they see fit.

For investors interested in purchasing 300 shares or more and would like more information about short term and long term goals and overall business plan, you can reach Paul Welch at (214) 500-7371 during our normal business hours of 8am to 8pm. If your call isn’t answered, please be sure to leave a message with your name, number and concerns.