california on-demand moving services

Think Uber, but when you need a pick up truck owners help. A truly on demand moving platform now exists in the state of California, a platform called Truck Buds is now available for all of your pickup truck owner needs. You can also hire a pickup truck owner with a trailer, a cargo van owner and even a Box Truck owner for covered moves that include home and apartment full moves.

The key to the platform running so successful is the opt in process for all individuals and companies wanting to sign up. Individuals must complete a background check, with no felonies or crimes against person or place even if it is a misdemeanor. Truck Buds has a throwback approach that seems to be lost in today society. We have a yes sir and yes ma’am approach to everything we do.

On-demand services with her new pickup truck owner, Could be anything from sitting at the hardware store and realizing you need a truck, to picking up merchandise at locations like RC Willey or when you purchase something online and just need us to meet you at the sellers location. This all can happen instantly and in most cases we can be there within half an hour.

California, was an obvious choice for Truck Buds platform to expand their operations. Based out of Texas, the platform already exists in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana with a jump to Nevada and now California.

If you’re needing a pickup truck owners help on the fly, Next time try the Truck Buds platform. You can download the app on Google play in the App Store as well as to the website at next time try the Truck Buds platform. You can download the app on Google play and the App Store as well as the website at or try the old fashioned way and give us a call at 1 (800) 513-1718