Truck Buds On Demand Moving Platform launches in Las Vegas. Truck Buds is a family owned platform that allows pickup truck owners to sign up and help their local community. Thanks to platforms like Uber and Lyft, the On Demand business is big business and Truck Buds is capitalizing on the moving industry. Customers both residential and commercial can hire a pickup truck owner “on the fly”

On Demand Moving in Las Vegas opens up so many doors for business owners of all types as well as residents needing retail pick up and deliveries as well as picking up items sold on Facebook market place, Craigslist, Let It Go and other innovative platforms allowing consumers to buy, sell and trade.

Business owners now have an all in one company that can act as their hot shot company, courier service, pickup and delivery warehouse moving company and parts delivery service.

Truck Buds has proven to increase efficiency and lower cost for all businesses that leverage their platform. Offering blind deliveries with no company branding as an option for companies as well.

Founders, Amira and Paul Welch have taken a unique approach to the tech industry, offering an On Demand service, where you can still pickup the phone and talk to a real person who cares, believing in a Yes, Ma’am and Yes, Sir way of life from our dispatch to the quality of drivers that are on boarded.