Things to know before ordering


  • Currently our rates are $25 base fee, per guy you need
  • $1.50 per mile from your pick up location to the final drop off location
  • Price per item varies depending on the item(s) you select.

The ordering process allows us to know exactly what you are needing picked up, the time frame and your expectations.

  • If you are running late, we do understand. However, if you are more than 10 minutes late, we charge $1 per minute during this wait time.

Icons to look for and understand:

We have a detailed list of everyday items from inside and outside the home. If your need isn’t represented in the selection process, the last option is a custom order icon, select this and give us the details

Orange Icons Represent Everyday items

Blue Icons are everyday items, that are extremely heavy or challenging. Typically these take longer to load and unload and have a higher risk value. Keep this in mind when it comes to the overall cost, our drivers will not rush on these high value ticket items. “Better safe, than sorry”

Outdoor items are easy to spot they are all Green

Junk haul offs and debris removal can quickly be found at the bottom of the selection options marked in Red