Truck Buds understand that not all deliveries are as simple as an A to B delivery.  All to often business have to keep one or more in-house employees on staff to make sure the logistics of their business is performed correctly and in a timely manner. Our service helps cut overhead down to zero, allows you to run your business in the most efficient manner when it comes to your delivery, courier and transport needs.

Route Building Technology

Truck Buds offers our clients custom route building technology, that is created by us, through your direction. It could be anything from parts delivery, warehouse to customer deliveries, event and equipment rentals and extremely sensitive white glove services.

Logistics. Your Plan. Our Plan.

We have easy to use route building options for same day, next day and future orders. This can help any business expedite the delivery process and cut down and in some cases eliminate delivery overhead.

  • Clients can upload a complete dump of all orders that need to be fulfilled and we handle delivery and logistics, from start to finish. This can be submitted from your own portal created by us, emailed or even faxed if need be.
  • We have the ability to add custom order forms that can go directly on your site, that notifies both you as well as our dispatch team, for hands free delivery options.
  • You have “Blind Drop” options that you can customize how the delivery is done, what the driver says and even the driver’s dress attire.