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On Demand Moving Sacramento

On-Demand Moving Now Available in Sacramento.

Truck Buds, The family owned On-Demand moving service based out of Dallas, Texas is bringing their platform to Sacramento, California and surrounding cities. If you are wondering how the service works, simply think Uber, but when you need a pickup truck owners help. The service is truly an on-demand platform.

Truck Buds believes that the Sacramento area is the ideal location to introduce California to the platform. The platform will be managed, under the leadership of Chad Klein, who will be managing the entire region of Sacramento. This includes cities such as Roseville, Elk Grove and Folsom. Chad’s skills and his ability to connect with the communities within the region will be key in the initial success and long term sustainability for the area.

The company does rely on technology for their customers to order, offering automatic scheduling and pricing through both their app and online. However, Truck Buds is sticking to their traditional values and paths for communication, allowing customer to directly communicate their needs by phone. Founders Amira and Paul Welch have created a company and business model that brings the best out of the American tradition of neighbor helping neighbor to accomplish a goal.

“From the office, Regional Managers, dispatch and down to each and every driver, we are a ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘Yes, Sir’ company and that’s how we will always be.” Says, Amira Welch.

The rates are affordable where anyone can utilize the service, while allowing the pickup truck owner to earn 80% of the total on every order request. It really is a local economy service, where families are truly helping families. The popularity of the Truck Buds platform and their down home roots approach, allows tech savvy seniors to schedule their order via the app and on-the-go millennials to simply call in with their order request. Any way you want to spin it, this is a must watch company and one to start supporting.

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